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THE SOURCE : Francis of Assisi


Francis was born in the year 1182 in the lovely town of Assisi in Italy. His father was a wealthy cloth merchant, very prosperous in his textile business. Francis was a happy-go-lucky, luxurious and handsome young man. When he was 20, in a war with the neighbouring Perugians, he was captured and was made to spend a year in prison. While confined to his bed with fever for several months, he came to realize the emptiness of the life he had been leading. Abandoning his former wasteful ways, he served the poor, the sick especially the lepers. He tried to find God’s will and plan in solitary prayer, meditation and penance. He also single handedly renovated the church of St. Damian when the ancient crucifix commended: “Repair my house which is falling to ruin.” His father disinherited Francis of all his wealth and possessions which was gladly accepted by him. Then onwards he lived like a hermit and began to practice poverty in a strict sense imitating the gospel values and the norms of discipleship of Jesus Christ.
Francis had a very impressive and affectionate personality. He was very cheerful and unassertive. He was speedily able to effect many reconciliation on his journeys through Italy, Southern France & Spain. A great number of sinners were won over by his loving, winning personality and his all embracing sympathy.
St. Francis parted away at the age of 44 on October 4th 1226. He was canonized two years after his death and still remains as the world’s best known and most loved saint.

THE SOCIETY : The Beginning


After 15 years of his death, a group of pious women, inspired by the life and example of St. Francis of Assisi, started a small convent in the little town of Dillingen near the river Danube in Germany in 1241. The main purpose of this congregation was: “to give due praise and glory to God through adoration and care for the people who were in need.”
For nearly 600 years, the convent continued at the single convent simple in style weathering the storms of time. But the members remained steadfast in their faith and put their hope and trust in the providence of God Almighty. In course of time as more girls wanted to join the congregation, the mission spread to other parts of Germany and the rest of the world. The Franciscan Sisters set foot on the soil of the city of Bilaspur in the year 1979 and settled in Nehru Nagar Area. They soon discovered that most of the local population of the adjoining Ameri Village & surrounding areas were illiterate and the tender buds were wandering around aimlessly without education. The plight of the people ignited the spark in the hearts of the Franciscan Sisters and they felt the dire need to light up the souls of these children with value education.

THE SCHOOL : The Memorable Past


The School had a very humble beginning in a shed with 7 kids for the Pre-Primary classes on 13th July 1980. The classes commenced in Gandhi Nagar (Nehru Nagar) under the able guidance of its First Head Mistress, Sr. Jocita & Sr. Elisa. The school was later shifted to its present premises in Ameri Road Campus on the memorable date of 1st July 1991.
The institution, then named as St. Francis Convent School, commenced its functioning in July 1991 with the pre-primary classes. In July 1994 under the aegis of its Second Head Mistress Sr. Paulit, the school started Primary School Education with Class-I in the Ameri Campus. There were 38 students in the first batch of Class-I & combined with the pre-primary sections, the strength accounted to 242. Ever since its inception, the institution has blossomed and continued on the path of nurturing and grooming young buds of the society into mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow. The number of classes and students grew steadily each year and by God’s grace, as per the last Academic Session 2015-2016, we have 4772 blooming buds dispersing their fragrance in this institution.
In the year 1998, Sr. Rosilin Augustine took over as the Principal of this institution from Sr. Paulit. Since then, with the joint efforts of the dedicated staff, parents and well wishers, she has been instrumental in rendering unique service not only in dispelling abject ignorance and illiteracy but also helping the society. It is due to her hectic efforts and selfless service to humanity, her visionary instinct, motivating leadership, the school is growing with confidence under her experienced and graceful hands. Greatly influenced by the teachings of St. Francis, she spearheaded and successfully paved the path for quality education in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh. The school now stands proudly as one of the premier educational institutions in Bilaspur. Time has witnessed her success stories as the glorious years have rolled on adding a new feather to her cap and a new dimension to her personality and the school.

THE SCHOOL : The Delightful Present


St. Francis Senior Secondary School, Bilaspur (C.G) is a Catholic minority institution established and run by the Society of Sisters of St. Francis registered under the Societies Registration Act-44 (1973) with Registration No. 9067. It is a co-educational institution with a tradition of loving and respecting relations. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi vide Affiliation No. 3330058 and follows 10+2 pattern of education. It prepares students for All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE - Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE – Class XII) conducted by the C.B.S.E. The School provides an array of subjects to choose from Science & Mathematics streams at the +2 level.
Great care is taken so see that not only high standards are maintained in the Academic ideology but also value education, self-discipline and respect for life become an integral part of the students’ life. Games and sports are also given utmost priority and it has helped us create champions representing the school at the District, State and the National Level in various Sports. The curriculum also provides ample room for co-curricular activities with wide variety of events organized periodically throughout the year. The St. Francis Kids World provides a congenial environment for the all around development of the child to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Positive ideas are inculcated in students regarding scientific outlook, moral values, cleanliness of self and the surroundings, graceful manners, obedience and discipline. Audio Visual room for small kids, spacious playground, and computer laboratory are the tools in the hands of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who pay individual care to achieve high academic standard.
With a view to bring about the harmonious blend of Science & Technology and Moral values, Sr. Rosilin with her dedicated team of teachers and staff members brought into existence the Kids World. It infuses the thirst for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty & patriotic fervour besides humanism.

Salient Features

The school is equipped with all basic and enhanced amenities necessary for the proper development of students.

Optimum study Hours

The school maintains an equilibrium between the teaching hours and for activities.

Digital Smart classes

The school is provides digital smart classes to shape up the students of tomorrow.


The school also features a safe and hygenic canteen to cater to the needs of students and staff..

Go Green

The school follows the Go Gree initiave and works hard at keeping the campus green and harmonious with nature.



St. Francis Senior Secondary School, Bilaspur is located in a large and panoramic vista of 7.5 acres. A sound palatial infrastructure has been designed to impart quality education with all amenities to all classes. The school has a vast and varied playground to promote all kinds of sports activities. The school also possesses well equipped laboratories for each of the practical subjects from science stream along with multiple high-tech computer practical rooms well maintained with latest computers and devices. The school also has Music and Art rooms for grooming young talents. The school is divided into four main blocks. Each block has been designed specifically for the classes which are conducted there.

Standout infrastructure...

Cores of Academic Learning...


The school stresses on imparting quality education to the students studying here. The curriculum and syallbus followed is strictly in accordance with the C.B.S.E. and N.C.E.R.T. The salient features of Scholastic Education are:

Curriculum and Methodology

The curriculum of studies is followed strictly as per the guidelines laid down by the C.B.S.E. and its Grading System is strictly being adhered to in all the classes. C.B.S.E. emphasizes on Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation and to facilitate the same, the entire session is meticulously divided in to individual terms as per the needs of different classes..


For, Classes I to XIII the academic year is divided into two terms. Each term has its own syllabus and set of evaluations. The syllabus is split equally into two parts and each term covers 1/2 of the syllabus. This system lessens the burden of the students and makes learning more effective and fun-filled. To reinforce the Continuous Evaluation System, Projects, Assignments and Activities are aptly scheduled in all the terms so that the learning and its assessment remains a continuous process in our system.


A unique system has been adopted in the school to negate the effect of loss of periods due to holidays etc. The school follows a Day-wise Time Table. The entire session is divided into packets and each packet has five days. Each Day is the basic building block of the packet and is derived chronologically from the first working day of the session which is DAY-1. Subsequently all weekdays (working days only) except Saturdays are marked as DAY-2, DAY-3, DAY-4 & DAY-5. The same cycle is repeated till all the working days are covered.


We believe that learning is a continuous process and it should be interesting and should not become a burden on tender minds. Hence varying teaching methods are effectively applied to bring out the best in the child. These include play-way method, class activities, and interactive methods with optimum student participation which induces rational outlook in the child. Teachers make use lots of audio-visual aids for better understanding and a clear concept. A practical approach to the learning process is provided in close contact with nature..

inclusion of value education

We believe that Education is incomplete without values and the appropriately the school emphasizes on laying down the foundation of value system in students at a very early age.

discipline as a part of education

Just like values, discipline is the backbone of a student's life. Hence the school makes a conscious effort to mould basic disciplinary manners into the students character.

Quote by St. Francis

"Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change the things I can, the courage to change things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."


In modern day Education, Development of co-scholastic aspects of the personality such as Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and achievement in Co-Curricular activities as well as Health and Physical Education need to be considered. For the purpose, the school provides the following facilities:

Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of any system of education since a sound mind can be developed only in a sound body. Sports and games take their rightful place in the lives of students at this School, where they seek high-level competition and recreation at the same time. This also teaches them the qualities of self-control, self-esteem and leadership and develops the characteristics of a true team player and sportsperson, attributes that will be of value later in life. A special curriculum has been drawn up by the Physical Education Department, which makes it possible for every student to participate and excel in any particular discipline of Sports/Games of his/her choice.


Art plays a vital role in our daily life. A country, a community and a society becomes great by its art and culture. Our tradition, view, costume, living style or choice whatever we think - in all spheres, an aesthetic sense is hidden behind it. We believe that art is the essence of our pure life; It should be implemented from school level? The Art Education Department has developed a board based curriculum in the disciplines of Sketching, Drawing, Water Colour/Oil painting, Glass painting, Ceramic Painting, Textile/Graphic/Creative designing etc.


The idea employed for Visual Arts also applies for the Performing Arts i.e. Music & Dance. Music is an integral part of the fabric of our society itself. With a strong, sequential curriculum that includes music, children develop their abilities to make, create, and respond to music. This is a pattern of success that is supported by a fast-growing collection of data from educational researchers-but it's also a pattern of success that is familiar to generations of parents and to generations of music teachers. Under the performing Arts, students can opt for Music (Vocal/Instrumental) or dance.




The House system aims at fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity and healthy competition for the integral growth of the students. For the purpose, all the students are equally grouped into four different Houses. Each house has a Motto and it is the duty of the students to serve their respective houses and contribute towards its glory. Inter House competitions are organized in all events at the Senior and Junior levels. Extra curricular activities of a varied nature are conducted house-wise to promote a harmonious development of the students. In addition to the houses, various clubs are also formed to encourage the students’ participation in different activities. The clubs include Social Welfare Club, Cultural Club, Discipline Club, Science Club, Language Club, Sports Club etc. Each Club has ten members and each club is headed by two Incharges.

Display Boards & Assembly Conduction

Display Boards serve as a medium of expression and hence are an essential part of school activities. The school has four display boards for each of the four houses and Class Board for All Classes. Periodically a theme is provided to each of the four houses as well the classes and with keen interest and competitive spirit students decorate these boards with theme-based information. These are evaluated and points are awarded to the respective houses or classes based on the quality of content as well as the amount of hard work the students have put in. Each year, all the classes are assigned the responsibility of conducting the Morning Assembly sequentially. It is the duty of each designated class to prepare the pledge, Thought for the Day, Categorized News, Information on the day’s Theme, in addition to the Prayer and the National Anthem. The performance of each of the classes is recorded and at the end of each year, the best performers are awarded for their efforts.

School Band

The school also has a dedicated and trained school band to ornament various occasions of celebrations. Our school takes great pride of having our own school band which comprises of a group of student musicians who rehearse and perfect instrumental music together. It is under the direction of one or more band directors who train them in wind and percussion instruments. The school has successfully tapped their hidden talents and brought out the best in them with the sole purpose of performing on various occasions.

News and Updates


Additional Information

Additional Information Section

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a total learning experience to the students who enter the portals of this institution preparing them for life. We help learners to connect knowledge to life outside the school equipping them with life skills and attitudes to adapt themselves to the changing needs of the society. We ensure that the learners are highly principled, disciplined, spiritually and morally compassionate individuals who can face the world with composure, confidence, equanimity and a balanced rationalistic outlook. The school upholds the essence of St. Francis of Assisi by inculcating in the learners a spirit of respect and responsibility towards all living creatures and biodiversity.

We sincerely desire to groom students to be adaptable, flexible, committed and enlightened individuals with a vision to IGNITE, ILLUMINATE and INSPIRE the world.

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